May • 2009 
Faculty News In Memoriam

Tom Bateman • Tom Bateman discussed leadership on the April 26, 2009, broadcast of “Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call” on WNRN 91.9 FM. He was also featured in a March 30, 2009, Charlottesville Business Journal article titled “Leadership in Tough Times.”

Jim Burroughs • Jim Burroughs was featured in an April 23, 2009, USA Today article titled “Survey: Americans Reclassifying Luxury, Necessity in Recession.”

Rob Cross • Rob Cross was featured in the April 2009 issue of Managing Automation magazine in an article titled “What Is Your Network Worth?”

Tom Fitch • Tom Fitch was featured in two news publications during April 2009: “You've Graduated. Good Luck Finding a Job” (April 18, 2009; The Virginian-Pilot) and “Career Expo Helps BRCC Students Plan for Future” (April 10, 2009; The News Leader).

Stefano Grazioli • Stefano Grazioli is one of nine UVA professors to receive a 2009 All-University Teaching Award. Grazioli was honored April 14, 2009, along with 25 other outstanding UVA teachers, at a dinner in the Rotunda.

Carrie Heilman • Carrie Heilman welcomed two guest speakers to her classes during the spring 2009 semester: M. Gary Ryan, Vice President of Brand Development and Strategy for REAL SIMPLE (Ryan spoke during the “Careers in Marketing 101: Brand Management” session as well as in her M.S. in Commerce “Brand Management” class), and Stew McHie, Global Brand Manager of ExonnMobil Fuels Marketing (McHie spoke in her M.S. in Commerce “Brand Management” class in April).

Adelaide Wilcox King • Adelaide Wilcox King was recently named an Associate Editor of Academy of Management Review, the Academy of Management’s top theoretical journal. McIntire Professors Gary Ballinger, Tom Bateman, and Amanda Cowen were named to the editorial board.

Bryan Lewis • Bryan Lewis and Gerry Starsia were featured an EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine article titled “Challenges in Technology Implementation for Learning Spaces in Higher Education” (Vol. 32, No. 1, 2009).

David Mick • David Mick recently gave a research presentation at the University of California, Irvine on the nature of practical wisdom in executive marketing decision making. He also has an article forthcoming this summer in International Journal of Advertising titled “A Laboratory Study of the Effects of Verbal Rhetoric versus Repetition when Consumers Are Not Directed to Process Advertising.” In addition, Mick was recently ranked as one of the top 50 most prolific scholars (out of 2,257) in the leading marketing journals during 1982 to 2006 [See Seggie S. and Griffith D. “What Does It Take to Get Promoted in Marketing Academia? Understanding Exceptional Publication Productivity in the Leading Marketing Journals,” Journal of Marketing Vol. 73 (January 2009), 122-132].

Ryan Nelson • Ryan Nelson welcomed two guest speakers to his COMM 180 class during the spring semester: Nicole Iden (M.S. in MIT 2007) and Neil Ackerman (M.S. in MIT 2009).

George Overstreet • George Overstreet was featured in two news publications during spring 2009: “Now What? As the Landmark Lies Dormant, What's Next?” (April 30, 2009; The Hook) and “Credit Union Collapse Signals Depth of Financial Crisis” (March 26, 2009; The Washington Independent).

David C. Smith • David C. Smith was featured in a March 16, 2009, USA Today article titled “Billions of AIG's Federal Aid Went to Foreign Banks.”

Bob Webb • Bob Webb was featured in several news articles during the spring 2009 semester: “Wall Street Derivatives Proposals Adopted in Treasury Overhaul” (May 26, 2009; Bloomberg); “Obama's Toxic Assets Plan Greeted with Skepticism” (March 22, 2009; Associated Press); and “The World Is Moving the U.S. Markets” (March 20, 2009; The Motley Fool).

Mark White • Mark White was featured in a May 16, 2009, Richmond Times-Dispatch article titled “The Cons: Surry County Coal Plant” and in an April 20, 2009, UVA Today article titled “U.Va.'s New 'Bay Game' to Launch on Earth Day.”

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