March • 2010 
Faculty News In Memoriam
Elias Awad • The second edition of Knowledge Management (International Technology Group Ltd., 2010), by retired Professor Elias Awad and Hassan Ghaziri, has been published. The book focuses on the knowledge-centric organization and how to build knowledge-management solutions; deals with knowledge-management tools, portals, and social intelligence networks; and addresses the ethical, legal, and managerial issues in knowledge management.

Tom BatemanThe Washington Post published a March 2010 article by Tom Bateman titled “Is President Obama a 'Transformational Leader’?”

James Maxham • Two articles by James Maxham have been published this year, one in Journal of Applied Psychology (with Rick Netemeyer and D. R. Lichtenstein), titled “Store Manager Performance and Satisfaction: Effects on Store Employee Performance and Satisfaction, Store Customer Satisfaction, and Store Customer Spending Growth,” and one in Journal of Retailing, also with Netemeyer and Lichtenstein, titled “The Relationships among Manager-, Employee-, and Customer-Company Identification: Implications for Retail Store Financial Performance.” Maxham also traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam with 13 students as part of his new January-term course, “Marketing Strategy in Southeast Asia.” Their visit was highlighted in a story on the BINUS (Jakarta, Indonesia) Web site.

Rob Patterson • Rob Patterson is teaching two courses on the Semester at Sea voyage this summer: McIntire School elective COMM 4641 "Public Speaking & Persuasion" and a course on great speeches.

Bill Shenkir • Bill Shenkir, who retired in 2007, co-authored with Paul Walker and Tom Barton (McIntire ’71) a chapter, “Enterprise Risk Management: Lessons from the Field,” which is included in the 2010 book Enterprise Risk Management: Today’s Leading Research and Best Practices for Tomorrow’s Executives. Also, the Financial Executives Research Foundation, in its recent Hall of Fame publication summarizing 65 years of its research, reprinted an article by Shenkir, Barton, and Walker titled “ERM: The Evolution of a Balancing Act.” The article was originally published in Financial Executive in June 2009.

Bob Webb • Bob Webb gave a lecture titled “Lessons from Trading Debacles and Financial Market Crises” at Renmin University of China, in Beijing in December 2009. His presentation was part of the prestigious Huang Da-Mundell lecture series, named after both the famous Chinese economist and former president of Renmin University, Huang Da, and Columbia University professor and 1999 Nobel laureate in economics Robert Mundell. While in Beijing, Webb also presented his co-authored paper, “Does Spurious Mean Reversion in Basis Changes Still Exist after the Introduction of Exchange Traded Funds?” at the Peking University Guanghua School of Management Finance Department Seminar. In late February, Webb gave some opening remarks at the 20th Annual Asia-Pacific Futures Research Symposium in Hong Kong; he returned to Asia in March during spring break to participate in a joint research symposium at National Chiao Tung University and National Central University in Jhongli, Taiwan, and to give a presentation at National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan.

Mark White • A paper coauthored by Mark White (with A. F. Clarens [lead author], E. P. Resurreccion, and L. M. Colosi), “Environmental Life Cycle Comparison of Algae to Other Bioenergy Feedstocks,” was published January 2010 in Environmental Science & Technology. White and his coauthors found that switchgrass, canola, and corn “have lower environmental impacts than algae in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water regardless of cultivation location.” The findings were discussed online on The New York Times and Scientific American Web sites. (;;

Barb Wixom • Barb Wixom is the associate editor of a new journal launched this year called International Journal of Business Intelligence. IJBIR is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exchanging the latest academic research and practical findings on all aspects of managing business intelligence in organizations. IJBIR serves to improve the role, scope, and impact of business intelligence on decision making and to provide a mechanism for sharing research to a global audience. The journal takes a multidisciplinary approach to business intelligence and publishes original research and case studies by academic, business, and government contributors on strategies, tools, techniques, and technologies for business intelligence. Wixom has an article (co-authored with H.J. Watson) in the inaugural issue, titled “The BI-Based Organization.” In addition, a study by Wixom on business intelligence has been featured in an article that appears on several news Web sites: The New York Times; Computerworld; CIO; and NetworkWorld. The study was also discussed on ZDNet and smartplanet.

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