May • 2010
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McIntire School Hosts Symposium on “China’s Emergence and the Transformation of Global Commerce”  
What challenges lie ahead for a rapidly developing China? What are the implications of those challenges for China’s relationship to the United States and the rest of the world? These were just a few of the complex questions considered during the McIntire School’s annual Spring Symposium, “China’s Emergence and the Transformation of Global Commerce.” MORE


McIntire Professors Marcia L. Pentz and Barb Wixom Win All-University Teaching Awards

McIntire Professors Marcia L. Pentz and Barb Wixom were honored with All-University Teaching Awards at a banquet in the Dome Room of the Rotunda, held April 28, 2010. MORE
McIntire Professor Emeritus Andy Ruppel Passes Away at Age 71

McIntire Professor Emeritus Andy Ruppel died May 20, 2010. Widely admired for his generosity, quiet magnanimity, and humility, Andy will be remembered for his 38 years of selfless commitment to the McIntire School and the University. MORE
First-Ever O’Connell Global Immersion Award Recipients Selected
Eight M.S. in Commerce students, all of whom will graduate this year, were selected as the first-ever recipients of the O’Connell Global Immersion Awards. MORE


COMM 3050 Students Make Webinar Debut
On April 14 and 15, third-year McIntire students presented a 10-minute emerging-market entry strategy to an audience of some 100 alumni and 30 faculty members. The PowerPoint and voice presentations were part of McIntire’s new COMM 3050 class, “Entry Strategies in Emerging Markets.”  MORE

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