December • 2011
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McIntire Holds Forum on “Cultivating
Well-Being: The Necessary Role of Business Leaders, Researchers, and Educators”

Why is poor decision making so prevalent in today’s society? What role can the business community play in helping us make decisions that are more personally and socially beneficial? These complex and far-reaching questions were the subject of lively discussion at the McIntire School’s 2011 Fall Forum Oct. 21. MORE
Flourishing in Consumer-Based Societies

Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, co-edited by David Mick, explores the pitfalls and promises of well-being in a modern consumer-based society. MORE
David C. Smith Teams with Law School’s Michal Barzuza in Study Highlighting Risks of Investing in Nevada-Based Companies

Nevada has long been known for luring gamblers. Now it turns out the state may be luring unwitting investors into more of a gamble than they bargained for. MORE
Dominion Senior Vice President Mary C. Doswell Discusses “Winning through Innovation” with COMM 1800 Students

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd of COMM 1800 students Sept. 22, Dominion Senior Vice President Mary C. Doswell delivered a resoundingly clear message: Innovation is critical not only to the growth and success of individual businesses, but to the continuance of American leadership and prosperity. MORE

Digital Fulcrum Founders Visit COMM 4240, “Electronic Commerce”

Digital Fulcrum executives Kevin LeFew (Engineering ’89), Brian Lineweaver (McIntire ’95, M.S. in MIS ’96), and Zach Morgan spent the afternoon of Oct. 27 providing COMM 4240 students an inside look at the myriad challenges and opportunities that characterize the burgeoning industry of data analytics.  MORE

Upcoming Events at McIntire
  December 2011
Dec. 6 Classes end (undergraduates)
Dec. 8-16 Exams (undergraduates, no exams Dec. 11 or Dec. 14)
  January 2012
Jan. 3-13 J-Term classes (Jan. 3-7 and Jan. 9-13)
Jan. 9-13 UVA Finance Trip to New York City
Jan. 18 Classes begin (undergraduate)
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